Suzanne Tempel

Spiritual Teacher, Awakened Mind Trainer, and Award-Winning Medium

Founder of the Immediate Transformational Processing (ITP™) technique and founder of the Awaking Mediumship Method®.

Guiding professionals to become more intuitive in business and become high-performing individuals.


My name is Suzanne and I specialize in various forms of advanced Mind Training; Neuro-feedback training for altered states of consciousness, Tibetan Meditation & Mindfulness training, and Supernatural Mind training. I love what I do. The Mind and altered states of consciousness have been a major interest since my teenage years. It wasn’t always a Mind Trainer though. I have worked as an interim and project manager in International Companies for many years. Thanks to my experience, knowledge of various techniques in Mind Training, and research I developed two different additional methods to help professionals to become more intuitive and peak performers.

Suzanne appeared in an American documentary on Netflix called “Surviving Death”.Suzanne is a Psychical researcher of many circles and mediums including (but not only) Stewart Alexander featured in the book and film Surviving DeathPlease have a look at the information on the author’s page (Leslie Kean): or find more information on this website about the research and the method.

Issues and areas I’ve supported with previous clients

Letting go of limiting beliefs:

Whatever you do in life you always bring ‘you’ into your future. Subconscious beliefs will have you experience the same thing over and over again (a pattern) just in different circumstances. My e-book: Change it easy explains this phenomenon. I help people to reach their personal or professional goals to let go of whatever is holding them back; limiting beliefs, fear, or past events, with the ITP™ technique.

Business performance:

True leadership is about building the power for leading yourself, master complexity, and inspire others. I help professionals to have more impact in business environments when they communicate. I help them address challenges, opportunities, and difficulties. And most importantly, I help them to achieve Peak Performance in any or all areas necessary may it be Managerial, Cultural, Political, Psychological, Spiritual, and Physical to enable them to function with ease. I help professionals to become leaders by mastering Self-Leadership.

Awaken your Mind

The Awakened Mind Method is the perfect combination of Science, Neuro-feedback, and Spirituality. Awakened Mind Training is a form of guidance (a method) that aims to develop your state of consciousness. Most people start in a ‘normal waking state’ and then progress to a state called ‘Awakened Mind’. I help people reach other states of consciousness for Self-development, Peak-performance, or Business performance.

Meditation techniques and Mindfulness:

When your mind is truly calm and at peace, it is capable of incredible things. It also becomes ‘supernatural’. I help spiritual seekers with deep personal transformation, creating mental stability, calmness, and concentration and I teach them how to deeply meditate.

Supernatural development:

I help intuitives to train their mind to become supernatural and learn to work with their psychic and mediumistic abilities with the Awaking Mediumship Method®.

Benefits of working with Suzanne

You will be working personally with one of the foremost (and very few) Awakened Mind Trainers in the world. There is only s handful of Awakened Mind Trainers allowed to certify Awakened Mind Coaches and Practitioners. As an experienced Awakened Mind practitioner and Awakened Mind Trainer, Suzanne will accompany you on your journey of development.

You will be taught by an award-winning medium and Tutor of Tomorrow at one of the world’s foremost schools for psychic science; The Arthur Findlay College. As an experienced Medium and Mediumship Tutor, Suzanne will guide you on your journey of discovery.

Suzanne is certified as a Shiné-teacher in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Shiné is the most profound Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique and a technique of mindfulness. She was certified by Rinpoche the eighth incarnation of Tulku Nyentse. As an experienced Shiné-practitioner and teacher, Suzanne will accompany you during the whole training program.

Suzanne believes in the power of working life and face-to-face rather than relying on recordings only. The most effective way for our Minds to learn is when we are fully present. Suzanne is one of the few spiritual teachers that offer a wide range of possibilities to work with her directly and one-on-one.

She is still involved in research on the supernatural abilities of the Mind; o.a. Remote viewing and Mediumship in Europe and the US. All her knowledge and expertise will be used to help and guide you.

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