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The only method in the world based on EEG research of hundreds of mediums

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With the Awaking Mediumship Method™: a new online method for Mediumship development based on EEG research of hundreds of Mediums.

Kick-start your Mediumship Now! Learn Mediumship in a very easy and practical way online.

The practical training is live. So it’s not online prerecorded teaching. That means you can ask questions and get direct feedback.


The training is suitable for newcomers and inexperienced participants. You will receive tips and training on an individual level. Every exercise can be adapted to your level of development. So even if you have never done anything with Mediumship and you are just curious, you can still register. Just come and find out how extraordinary you are!

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Hi, I ’ m Suzanne,

I am a Medium, a spiritual teacher and founder of the Awaking Mediumship Method™. My mission is to make mediumship and its benefits available to everyone. Many people think that mediumistic skills are a gift that is reserved for only a few people. I truly believe, that every human being is born with mediumistic abilities. Most of us just never learned how to access and use them. I developed a scientific based method (EEG based) which helps my students to enter deep levels of consciousness, which usually remain locked. Once this door to the subconscious opens, information from the field can be received, healing can take place, potential can be accessed and communication with the spiritual world can take place.

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In view of the recent representation of Suzanne in an American documentary on Netflix on the subject of Mediumship called “Surviving Death”:

"I am not a member of any circle - I am a Psychical researcher of many circles and mediums including (but not only) Stewart Alexander featuring in the book and film Surviving Death"

Please have a look at the information on the author's page (Leslie Kean): or find more information on this website about the research and the method.

What others are saying

"Hi Suzanne, Thank you for an extraordinary first trimester in Mediumship training."

Ann-Sofi Carlborn (France)

Awaking Mediumship Course

"I have never had such a well structured -information-packed & helpful (Mediumship) course."

Rebecca Dühren (Germany)

Awaking Mediumship Course

"Thank you so much for all of these wonderful lessons this year I've really enjoyed them!"

Nicholas Terpstra (Canada)

Awaking Mediumship course

"I definitely would like to keep going for another year, this course has helped me a lot to gain more clarity and increased my ability making it stronger, clearer and easier, thank you so much"❤

Steffi Bayer (United Kingdom)

Awaking Mediumship Course

Karen Harris - suzanne tempel

"This awesome course and teacher gave me THREE things that I have never obtained in any of the other numerous teachings of meditation that I have taken in the past:

(1) Learning and understanding the physical and mental steps to enter the Meditative State
(2) Learning how the brainwave patterns change during those steps

(3) Experiencing the physical and mental components of various brainwave patterns, without even being connected to an EEG."

Karen Harris (USA)

The Meditative state (Course)
Nicole on suzanne tempel

“I’ve been taking online courses for a few years now and my expectation was based on my previous experiences where you simply listen to pre-recorded videos, read written material and that is it. How joyful I was with Suzanne Tempel’s course format where the teaching happens live and most of all is adapted to each individual present. What a breath of fresh air to have the content given with such generosity. I am still impressed with her expertise and heartfelt passion for what she does. I’ve taken many meditation courses but I tell you, this was truly the best investment I made in a long time. The tools are tangible and crystal clear. Thank you so much Suzanne and I can’t wait for the suite.”

Nicole Lamontagne (USA)

The Meditative state (Course)

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