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Awakened Mind Coaching is a form of guidance (method) that is focused on consciousness development from a normal waking state to an Awakened Mind state. In this state, you are intuitive, creative, and have full access to your subconscious. 

Info about the Coach & Practitioner training
Awakened Mind Graduates

Graduated 1st July 2021 as an Awakened Mind Coach

Thipphavanh Deovan specializes in energy healing using various techniques for which she has been trained and certified. She has always acted as a bridge between different worlds to reconcile them and create harmony. She is both science-oriented and highly spiritual.

She holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and previously worked as an engineer, in finance and marketing for over 15 years before leaving everything behind in 2018 to 100% focus on coaching and guiding people towards their well-being and unlocking their true potential. She regularly animates meditation, EFT, singing bowls group workshops, and organizes retreats to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

Awakened Mind Coach, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Nidra Teacher, Qi Gong practitioner, EFT practitioner, Shiatsu and Singing Bowls Therapist.

Her specialties are energy healing and guiding people through personal transformation and spiritual growth to help them unlock their underlying potential. 

Languages: French and English

Valbonne, France
Tel: +33 6 61 87 85 88



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