Awakened Mind Training & (ITP)™

Training other states of consciousness & subconscious healing

Would you like

  • more focus and efficiency
  • more creativity
  • more relaxation and improved sleep
  • better cooperation between body & mind
  • to create a better life for yourself
  • to understand your current situation
  • to create the state of consciousness you want
  • your body to learn – Biofeedback
  • mind & Body Mastery
  • reduction of stress
  • to activate the self-healing abilities of your body
  • to improve your intuition
  • to improve your concentration

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Awakened Mind (Consciousness) training is a combination of Spirituality, Science, and Bio-feedback.

Awakened Mind Training is a form of guidance (a method) that aims to develop your state of consciousness. Most people start in a "normal waking state" and then progress to a state called "Awakened Mind". This method focuses on developing the brainwave pattern.

What is the Awakened Mind State?

In the Awakened Mind state you have direct access to your subconscious, creativity, and your intuition. You will grow towards this state with special (scientifically designed and tested) exercises, meditation & visualization techniques, and training your body. Once you know how to get into that state and how that feels, you will get there more often (and quicker) until your stay there becomes a stable state.

The Awakened Mind State is a higher state of consciousness. This way of training is also excellent for training the deeper states of consciousness. Examples of deeper states are the meditative state, trance, channeling, etc.

Advanced computer technology and software allow brainwave patterns to become visible with EEG. The Awakened Mind state has a specific trainable brainwave pattern like every other state mentioned above. So, it’s rather easy to see where you are in your development and what the next step should be.

Individual Awakened Mind Training is a ‘must do’ for everybody interested in consciousness development. Especially when ( professionally) involved in activities that incorporate creativity, intuition, or consciousness development.

What makes the Awakened Mind Method unique:

No matter how this method is applied, people all over the world claim their lives have improved after this form of Biofeedback.

The EEG makes the brainwave patterns visible. The patterns (and their explanation) give a deep insight into your current state of consciousness.

Master of body and Mind. Through the mind, the body can be manipulated and vice versa.

Training your brainwaves

Brainwave training is training the brain by means of training the brainwaves. Brainwaves can be influenced positively, using several methods with or without EEG. Brainwave training is based on the self-learning ability and flexibility of the brain

The Awakened Mind Method is a form of Brainwave training and uses techniques that you can train at home without EEG.

But why does it say EEG?

In what way is EEG used?

Advanced computer technology and software allow brainwave patterns to become visible with EEG. The EEG reflects your state and brainwaves in real-time. It functions as a mirror of your mental state. The EEG makes it easier to achieve whatever goal you have, as you have a ‘mirror’ to train with. Very convenient.

You will find more information on EEG and the background of the Awakened Mind Method on the FAQ page.

Practical applications of Awakened Mind training


Many use it for personal development, to reduce stress, and improve performance in specific and personal circumstances. Awakened Mind training can also be used as a guide to meditative and higher states of consciousness like the Awakened Mind.

This is called Self Development Training.


Nowadays training the brainwaves (or brainwave training) with the Awakened Mind Method is used in several ways to improve performance. Top sport is one of the areas in which this kind of mental training is used. But it’s also used by surgeons to enhance concentration.

This kind of training is called Peak Performance Training.


Managers and Corporate Executives use it to enhance their emotional intelligence. This improves their leadership qualities and stimulates better time management.

This is called Business Performance Training.

But maybe you are just curious about:

⟩ your state of consciousness?

⟩ whether you actually are in a meditative state when you meditate?

⟩ why do you sometimes doze off when sitting for Trance?

⟩ the next step in your development and how to take it?

⟩ self-healing?

Individual Awakened Mind training can start with creating a profile

You will see the pattern of your state of consciousness


When you sign up for a profile you will learn, in the session, the characteristics of the different states of consciousness. This may sound a little technical and abstract but it’s rather easy to understand. So, no worries.


During the session, a short film will be made showing your brainwave patterns. Depending on your goal or what you wish to train, it’s also possible to measure quite specific certain elements. For instance, if you are a working medium and you want to know how to get into the trance state, it’s possible to have a look at your altered state and see where you are at.


The short film is showing the pattern of your state of consciousness. After the measurements, you are going to have a look at the film. This part of the profile leads to much insight with all clients. Because you have had the explanation at the beginning of the session, you can now directly see where you are at and what your next step should be.


After discussing the results of the film you will receive a custom-made-advice. After this, you will decide whether you will start training. This is not a must. So, even when you are just curious after your state of consciousness you can book this first session with a profile.


If you decide to start training you can book individual sessions online in the booking tool. How many sessions you need depends on your goal, your starting point, and your discipline with the training of course.

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A life-changing path for both you and your future clients!

This form of Coaching is extremely helpful for ‘high performers’ such as CEOs / directors, managers, top athletes, inventors, and anyone involved in creative processes, consciousness development, meditation, trance, and/or mediumship. Are you one of those yourself?

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Processing (ITP)

Creating access to your subconscious to heal

What is Immediate Transformational Processing (ITP)? It is a healing technique I developed as a neurofeedback trainer and used for many years now. It's based on neuroscience that offers fast and lasting results by combining the most beneficial principles of the Awakened Mind Neurofeedback Method, NLP, and the principles of hypnosis, and Tibetan Mind Training. 

With this Technique, we access your subconscious mind which will reveal restricting beliefs, issues, and behavioral patterns originating in past events and old memories. We then have the opportunity to reprogram and transform these.

Immediate Transformational Processing (ITP)

A Healing session is designed to take you to your subconscious. This is the place where you have the opportunity to heal. Unfortunately, most people can’t do that by themselves. Most people will never fully access their trauma because of this. When picturing the mind as an iceberg, the lower part of the iceberg represents the subconscious and unconscious mind: this is 95%! The conscious mind is the upper part of the iceberg surfacing. This is only 5% of the Mind. We store everything in the subconscious. Your long-term memory uses that subconscious but also when you dream the subconscious is used.

You can heal yourself on a conscious level by understanding patterns and understanding why things are the way they are. You can even get insight into your behavior and forgive. Because all of these are conscious processes. But at the same time something, in the here and now, can trigger old emotions that are still in that subconscious. And you keep wondering why this still is a problem in your life after all of these sessions and therapies designed to talk about it.

Here is why: because you store everything in the subconscious this is also the place where emotions and memories, connected to trauma, are stored. So, if you have not healed this in the subconscious you have not healed fully.

By using ITP™ you can finally let go of subconscious issues.

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One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.



A beautiful quote from Jung. If you want to grow, if you want to be happy, if you want to develop your consciousness, you need access to your subconscious. That part of your brain that you normally do not have access to: this is the darkness Jung is referring to. 


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