Grit – growth mindset and success


This is a fantastic video about what enables people to excel in life. What makes them succeed and stand out?

Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with IQ, social intelligence, knowledge, physical strength, or appearance.

It is crucial for leaders to recognize that these conventional benchmarks do not hold the exclusive keys to success. What truly makes the difference? The answer lies in a single word: Grit (unwavering determination). But how can you cultivate this elusive quality? Merely acknowledging its importance isn’t enough.

Mind training

Conventional coaching methods fall short when it comes to building such determination because they don’t address the fundamental chemical processes within the brain that underlie it. The solution lies in mind training – a powerful tool that can bring about the necessary neurological changes.

Questions to ask yourself for success:

Do you have the courage to fail, or are you a bit of a perfectionist? Do you possess a growth mindset, or are you unconsciously hindered by some past experiences? Do you hold limiting beliefs about your abilities because you weren’t taught to build “Grit” in school as a child? Yes, I thought so. And you’re not alone!

Every day, I see leaders in my practice working on and training with just one thing: their minds. Your mind, and how it serves you, are the keys to unlocking your full potential and achieving the success you desire.

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