How to train your mind for success

Train Your Mind for Success

If you’re looking to create success in your life, one of the most important things you can do is train your mind for success. Just like you would train your body for physical activity, you need to train your mind to achieve success.

But how to train your mind for success?

Here are a few tips on how to do just that that I found on the internet:

1. Belief in yourself. This is the first and most important step. If you don’t believe that you can achieve success, you never will.

Really?? That’s the tip? Don’t you think people don’t know this? Stating the obvious doesn’t help people. Especially when you don’t tell them what to do to make them believe in themselves. Not knowing this step is usually not the problem. How to start believing in themselves is.

2. Set your goals high. Don’t be afraid to dream big. The sky’s the limit!

Again really?? Most people have big dreams. Believe it or not, not only people who are successful have dreams. Most people give up though. We have to set our goals and train our minds in a very specific way in order to minimize the chance to give up. So again, this step doesn’t help.

3. Stay positive. No matter what obstacles you face, stay positive and keep moving forward.

This simply made me laugh. If it were only THAT simple. Yes, of course, we need to stay positive otherwise we will very likely give up. But how do we learn to motivate ourselves again and again? And being positive is no guarantee in itself that we will reach our goals. It’s more a precondition than a step or a ‘how to’.

I know one or two infamous positivo’s; people who are always positive. The glass is always half full and they never feel down. Yes, they set many goals in their lives. Significantly more than the ‘glass-half-empty’ people. But they don’t achieve relatively more goals. They achieve more goals in an absolute way because they set more goals. Being positive is, therefore, no guarantee of success. It does help to set a new goal soon after a failure. Positivo’s don’t waste energy on a lost cause.

But as I stated before, staying positive is not a ‘how-to get’ but a precondition for success.

4. Take action. Don’t just sit around.

Action is a precondition. Not a step to take or a ‘how to’. It’s like posting a ‘how to bake your own cake’ tutorial and then simply stating: now bake!

Here are a few other ‘ tips’ or ‘steps’ I have found on the internet to train yourself to be successful:

5. Be grateful.

6. Be persistent.

7. Learn from your mistakes.

8. Be disciplined.

9. Be flexible.

10. Be patient.

Hopefully, by now you can see what is wrong with those ‘tips’ or ‘steps’. They don’t show you how to be successful at all! Nor how to train your mind to be successful. 

They simply list the behavior or characteristics of successful people and leave it up to you to change into someone with those characteristics. Is it any wonder that even with so many books out there on how to be successful most people are not?

Mind training as a tool for success

If you want to succeed in reaching your goals, no matter what they are, you probably need to change. You need to change your Mind. Or the way your Mind functions anyway. Mind training is the only! ‘how to’ solution indeed. But you don’t train your mind by trying to show these characteristics. I challenge you to change in that way. It won’t work. If you are not positive and you try to be… well, good luck with that! It won’t last. You are fighting your own mind. You are not changing it! And what about trying to believe in yourself, while deep down, there is this conviction that you are not good enough? .. Again, good luck with that! You might succeed for a while but it will take a lot of your energy and finally, when the going get’s tough you will fall back into your old pattern. You will feel disappointed in yourself. Because you think everyone else can change this way!

…………..NO, THEY CAN’T!!

Awakened Mind Training

If you are a person that reaches their goals over and over again you probably already embody most of the characteristics listed above. But not because you have ‘trained’ these. Did you know that it is a scientific fact that successful CEOs, artists, and top athletes show a different brainwave pattern than most people? They are no longer in a ‘normal waking state’. The normal waking state is a very specific state of consciousness that most people are in with their eyes open and with their eyes closed (not asleep). Peak performers, however (that is the name we give successful CEOs, top athletes, and artists) show flashes of an Awakened Mind. Their Mind functions differently from most people. And those Characteristics are a result of that.

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