Intuition can be a useful tool in making decisions.

Intuition can be a useful tool for making decisions.

Intuition is a gut feeling or hunch that we get about something. It’s that little voice inside our head that tells us about what to change: to do something, or not to do something. We all have intuition. But are some people better at listening to it than others? Or is there more to it?

The Power of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool that we all can have access to. It is very different from our conscious reasoning. And it is an excellent tool for making decisions. The good news is that we all have it.

There are a few ways to become more in tune with your intuition. One is to meditate and spend time quieting your mind. This will help you to better hear the intuitive voice inside your head. Another way to become more attuned to your intuition is to pay attention to your dreams. Our dreams often contain messages from our subconscious mind that can guide us if we pay attention to them.

Listening to our intuition can help us make better decisions. It can guide us in our relationships, our jobs, and in every area of our lives. When we learn to trust it, we open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Your intuitive Mind: what is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Our intuitive mind is part of our subconscious. As stated before; we all have it, but some people are more in touch with it than others. It can be a very powerful tool. Especially when it comes to making decisions and dealing with change.

There are times when we just know what the right decision is, even though we may not be able to explain why. That’s our intuition at work. It can often lead us to the truth. Even when our logical minds want to take us in a different direction.

Learning to trust our intuition can be difficult, but it can be extremely helpful in making decisions and facing change. The next time you’re facing a difficult choice, see if you can tune into your intuition and see what it has to say. You may be surprised by the result. If you’re not used to listening to your intuition, it can be hard to know how to do it.

Tips on intuition and decisions

Here are a few tips I found on the internet. And my arguments for why those tips might not work:

– Pay attention to your gut feelings. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

You must understand that change, any change, usually feels wrong to us. (You can read the blog I wrote about change to find out more). Our minds are programmed to like what we know. So, the challenge here is to find out if it’s fear that is holding us back, or if a choice to go in a certain direction indeed is wrong. Most people have no clue when they make decisions.

– Listen to your heart when making your decisions. What does it tell you?

What you long for might not be the best for you. How many times have you fallen in love with someone only to find out later that they were not the right match for you? The same with jobs, courses, education, etc.? Does that mean you are not supposed to listen to your heart?

Of course, you need to listen to your heart. Because living from the heart will make you happier than living from the logical mind. This, however, is still not intuition. There is a difference between ‘feelings’ that come from emotion and the ‘knowing’ that comes from subconscious intuition. And you want to know which is which when you make an important decision.

 Follow your intuition even if it goes against what others are saying.

Yes, that would be my advice as well. However, how will you know the difference between your longing, your subconscious convictions and fears, and intuitive insights? Have you ever wondered why some people when following their ‘hearts’ seem to be very successful in their endeavors while others have to change paths again after a short time because ‘things didn’t seem to work out after all’?

Therefore, my advice would be with major decisions that you use some reasoning and logic as well. Unless of course, you are absolutely positive that your ideas come from your subconscious intuitive mind. When you are used to working with your intuition you, at one point, will know which is which.

– Be open to change. Intuition often leads us in unexpected directions.

This is true. Unfortunately, we usually don’t like change. Because with change comes losing what we know and entering the unknown. This is why an intuitive insight is often ignored because it somehow ‘doesn’t feel right’. And any decision also means thinking about a possible change.

The more you use your intuition, the stronger it will become.

Intuition is often more accurate than the conscious reasoning mind. This is because our conscious mind is limited in its ability to process information. Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, can take in far more information and make better decisions as a result.

However, most people do not have access to the subconscious in their waking state. So, the statement that “the more you use your intuition the stronger it will become” is only valid for those already having access to the subconscious. And therefore only for the ones already using their intuition. And not for those who do not have access to the subconscious in the normal waking state.

Dreams can contain messages we can use to guide us. Also, meditation, when done properly, can give us a bridge to the subconscious. And access that valuable information we call intuitive insights.


Intuition can be a useful tool in making decisions. It is important to remember that our gut feelings and our “heart” are not always accurate. Simply because fear and longing/emotions can be at the center of these feelings and might not come from an intuitive insight.

Intuition comes from the subconscious mind and is sometimes also based on our past experiences and observations. But intuition is not always logical to the conscious mind.

It is important to also use other methods of decision-making, such as logic and reasoning, for important decisions. Especially if you are not sure if it is your intuition talking or convictions and emotions.

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