Awakened Mind Training 1-on-1

With Awakened Mind Training you can:

  • have more focus and efficiency
  • have a reduction of stress
  • improve your concentration & performance
  • find Mind & Body Mastery
  • be more creative
  • improve your intuition
  • create the state of consciousness you want
  • activate the self-healing abilities of your body

Imagine that you:

  • can see your state of consciousness. And find out whether you actually are in a meditative state when you meditate.
  • know how to stimulate the self-healing abilities of your body.
  • find out why you sometimes doze off when you meditate or are sitting in Trance.
  • are ready for the next step in your consciousness development and you can see what this next step would be for you and how know how to train this.

Want to make this happen? The Awakened Mind Training is your blueprint to achieve that at high speed.

Practical questions

None of the sessions require any preparation.

The sessions are mainly online. But on-location training is possible. Please contact Suzanne for other options.

All good things come in packages. Awakened Mind Training comes in packages of 10 sessions. 

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