Mediumship 1

Awaking Mediumship Method® 1-on-1

Intensive Individual Online Mediumship

The benefits of one-on-one training:

  Intensive personal coaching with Suzanne; these lessons are more intensive than group training.

  Focus on your needs only; this is one hour completely focused on your needs to develop, improve or heal.

  Flexibility in planning your sessions; this is helpful if you have odd working hours or you can’t commit to the dates and time frame of the group training.

You book at your convenience; you can book separate sessions of one hour or book several sessions on end.

  Privacy; personal lessons offer complete privacy.


Yes, of course. Even if you have had no training or experience in Mediumship you can start with individual training. Sometimes having no experience is even better as there is less to ‘unlearn’. 

Yes, just join the Soulwell Community for free. In this community, you can chat with other members and join practice groups, post messages, and have access to all material posted in this community.

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