Become Awakened Mind Practitioner

A life-changing path for both you and your future clients!

Awakened Mind Coaching is a form of guidance (method) that is focused on consciousness development from a normal waking state to an Awakened Mind state. In this state, you are intuitive, and creative, and have full access to your subconscious.

Who will be your future clients?

This form of Coaching is extremely helpful for ‘high performers’ such as CEOs / directors, managers, top athletes, inventors, and anyone involved in creative processes, consciousness development, meditation, trance, and/or mediumship. Are you one of those yourself?


Awakened Mind Training combines science, spirituality, and personal development. There are not many Awakened Mind Coaches and Practitioners in the world. That has its advantages.

Learn to become in a state of an Awakened Mind yourself

Your own development lies at the heart of seminars 1 and 2. Those seminars are meant for self-trainers and are the basis for a Coach.

Learn the method and use it with your own clients

During the seminars needed for your certification as a Coach, you will learn how to get into the state of an Awakened Mind.

Heal your mind

In order to get into this higher state of consciousness, you need to heal yourself. With the help of Suzanne, you will start to heal whatever is stored in your subconscious that no longer serves you. 


The training can be online training or on-location training up until Seminar 4 (Practitioner Seminar). This depends on your choice*. Each seminar is 4 days (of 6 hours) and after seminar 3 there will be an examination day.

*Email Suzanne for possibilities and personal preferences.


Seminar 1

In Seminar 1 you will…

  • learn to hook yourself up on the EEG Mind Mirror
  • discover how neurofeedback works for you
  • learn about the different states of consciousness
  • hear all the details on how to get into the Awakened Mind state
  • have some practice and experience with specially designed exercises
  • have the opportunity to ask and get direct feedback in this live session!


  • Contextual history of the Awakened Mind and Mind Mirror;
  • the five brainwave categories and their content;
  • the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Super-conscious Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness brainwave patterns;
  • use of the Mind Mirror EEG and its three physiology meters: Galvanic Skin Response, Blood Volume Pulse, and Temperature;
  • Mind Mirror software operation and data analysis;

and hands-on practice with electrode placements.

Seminar 2

In Seminar 2 you will…

  • learn about patterns and their problems
  • discover how the meditations work for you
  • learn about the special method on how to construct meditations that work
  • hear all the details of the Awakened Mind method
  • have some practice and experience with specially designed exercises
  • have the opportunity to ask and get direct feedback in this live session!


Includes brainwave vocabulary and a deeper understanding of brainwave patterns and how to interpret them. Also the construction of Awakened Mind Meditations and dealing with content.



Twenty-five sets of brainwave drawings and five case histories are presented to the teacher for feedback. At least two of the required six original meditations are presented to the group and teacher for critique and possible improvement.

The independent study work reflects the student’s depth of understanding and ability to do the work. It also provides students with the skills and confidence needed to become professional EEG Awakened Mind Coaches.

Seminar 3

In Seminar 3 you will…

  • learn more about patterns and their problems
  • discover the higher state meditations
  • learn how to get into a stable state of Awakened Mind yourself
  • hear all the details of the higher states
  • have some practice and experience with specially designed exercises
  • have the opportunity to ask and get direct feedback in this live session!


This seminar is open only to people working toward certification as an Awakened Mind Coach. The trainee is expected to have completed all independent study work. Each trainee receives feedback and continued instruction on voice and presentation.

Why you should participate

  • If there is a longing inside to get help yourself and others develop their state of consciousness this is the perfect start for you.
  • Becoming an Awakened Mind Coach or Practitioner might change your life in many different ways. Looking for a career that does give you a feeling of fulfillment and joy? This might be it for you!  
  • Everyone is welcome. Online training gives everyone in the world the opportunity to join. This is the reason the lessons will be in English. The level of English spoken will be easy to follow for most people. 


Yes, up until seminar 4 you can do everything online through Zoom.

Yes, please contact me for possibilities.

Yes, you can. There is no need to have some time in between seminars 1 and 2. However, most participants prefer this. It’s entirely up to you.

This depends on how many people start in the same month.

The quickest route takes a little over a year. We are not only looking at your progression but you need to work with at least 5 clients after seminar 2. And you must be able to show that they are progressing. That usually takes some time. But for most participants, it takes a little longer than a year.

Certification is awarded when the student exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the material and techniques, and displays at least an eyes-closed Awakened Mind pattern. Both criteria ensure the trainee’s ability to help others awaken their minds.

When you have your certificate as an Awakened Mind Coach you can move forward to become a Practitioner. A certified Awakened Mind Practitioner has taken seminar 4, studied the theory of the Awakened Mind, and is trained in meditation techniques. Awakened Mind Practitioners specialize in group sessions.

When you subscribe to the Awakened Mind Coach Training your next steps will be:

  1. To purchase the Mind Mirror and prepare*
  2. Seminar 1
  3. Seminar 2
  4. Individual study
  5. Seminar 3 with the practicum
  6. Coach Certification Day with a written test and practicum

* Before you purchase the Mind Mirror contact Suzanne to avoid disappointment and problems. When subscribing to the seminars information will be given on where and how to purchase The Mind Mirror and what you need.

To become a Practitioner you subscribe to seminar 4

  1. Seminar 4 with practicum
  2. Practitioner Certification Day with a written test

Seminar 1 (online)

€ 1849


  • 4 days of live (online) group training with Awakened Mind Coach & Practitioner Trainer – Suzanne Tempel
  • Theory of the Awakened Mind method
  • Practical sessions with meditation and neurofeedback
  • Learning to work with the Mind Mirror¹
  • Personal attention and one-on-one feedback


If you wish this to be an on-location seminar² please contact Suzanne.

¹ The Mind Mirror must be bought only after inquiries and contacting SuzanneThe Mind Mirror is not included.

² Excluding travels and stay. Upon request, seminars and Certification day may be paired in order to reduce travel time and expenses.

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