EEG Profile

Individual Awakened Mind training can start with creating an EEG profile.

You will see the pattern of your state


When you sign up for a profile you will learn, in the session, the characteristics of the different states of consciousness. This will give you an insight into how consciousness development works.


During the session, a short recording will be made showing your brainwave patterns. Depending on your goal or what you wish to train, it’s also possible to measure quite specific certain elements.

For instance, if you are a working medium and you want to know how to get into the trance state, it’s possible to have a look at your altered state and see where you are at.


The recording is showing the pattern of your state of consciousness. After the measurements, you are going to have a look at the recording. This part of the profile leads to much insight with all clients.

Because you have had the explanation at the beginning of the session, you can now directly see where you are at and what your next step should be.


After discussing the results of the recording you will receive a custom-made-advice.

After this, you will decide whether you will start training. This is not a must. So, even when you are just curious about your state of consciousness you can book this first session with a profile.


If you decide to start training you can book a package of 10 individual sessions through the website. How many sessions you eventually need depends on your goal, your starting point, and your discipline with the training of course. Also, not every follow-up session needs to be on-location as this can easily be done online.

Individual Awakened Mind Training is a ‘must do’ for everybody interested in consciousness development. Especially when ( professionally) involved in activities that incorporate creativity, intuition, or consciousness development.

I have already followed a large number of sessions of individual AM training and I really notice a significant difference from how I started. For one I have much less stress and am much more aware of hindering thinking patterns. Suzanne guides you through the difficult parts, full of respect and without judgment. I find her explanation clear and the exercises very effective and so practical that I can easily do them at home.

Emily Lucas (Netherlands)

I just wanted to thank you for your time today, it was really amazing! It brought so many insights and explained so much! I’m so grateful, almost the first thing I did when I was home is book a follow-up session for next week. Actually, the first thing I did, is telling my home circle about the profile, and two of them are thinking about also visiting you for a profile. I really recommend it to every developing medium.

Marion Gabe (Germany)
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