Become an Awakened Mind Coach

Awakened Mind Coaching

A life changing path for both you and your future clients!

This form of Coaching is extremely helpful for ‘high performers’ such as CEO’s / directors, managers, top athletes, inventors and anyone involved in creative processes, consciousness development, meditation, trance and/or mediumship.

Awakened Mind Coaching is a form of guidance (method) which is focused on consciousness development from a normal waking state to the Awakened Mind state. In this state you are intuitive, creative and have full access to your subconscious.

Do you want to know about states of consciousness?

Do you want to help people?

When you subscribe to the Awakened Mind Coach Training your next steps will be:

  1. To purchase the Mind Mirror and prepare
  2. Seminar 1
  3. Seminar 2
  4. Individual study
  5. Seminar 3 with the practicum
  6. Certification day with a written test
Mind Mirror

Following your path just requires you taking it one step at the time.

Seminar 1

Learn about the different states of consciousness and how to use the Mind Mirror.



Mind Mirror software

Practical skills

Seminar 2

Get a deeper understanding of brainwave patterns.




Working with the hardware

Seminar 3

Your independent study work is leading in this seminar.


Present your cases

Showing your understanding of the theory

Showing your practical skills


Seminars & Certification

Certification is awarded when the student exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the material and techniques, and displays at least an eyes-closed Awakened Mind pattern. Both criteria ensure the trainee's ability to help others awaken their minds.


Includes contextual history of the Awakened Mind and Mind Mirror; the five brainwave categories and their content; the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Superconscious Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness brainwave patterns; use of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 EEG and its three physiology meters: Galvanic Skin Response, Blood Volume Pulse, and Temperature; Mind Mirror software operation and data analysis; and hands-on practice with electrode placements.


Includes brainwave vocabulary and a deeper understanding of brainwave patterns and how to interpret them. Also the construction of Awakened Mind Meditations and dealing with content.


This seminar is open only to people working toward certification as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer or Coach. The trainee is expected to have completed all independent study work. Twenty-five sets of brainwave drawings and five case histories are presented to the teacher for feedback. At least two of the required six original meditations are presented to the group and teacher for critique and possible improvement. Each trainee receives feedback and continued instruction on voice and presentation.


Independant Study Work

The independent study work reflects the student’s depth of understanding and ability to do the work. It also provides students with the skills and confidence needed to become a professional EEG Awakened Mind Coach.

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