Awakened Mind Training.

Awakened Mind Training is a combination of Spirituality, Science and Bio-feedback. It is an EEG based form of mental training leading to being more creative, insightful and having more control over your mental state. It gives you direct access to your subconscious, your intuition and eventually control over your life.

Awakened Mind Coaching is an individual kind of training whereas Awakened Mind Training is done in groups. The individual training (coaching) is meant for people who use their intuition in their work (or have the ambition to do so) like Yoga and meditation teachers, coaches, managers, top athletes, artists and professional mediums. Everyone interested in developing their intuition can join an Awakened Mind Training .

Curious about the Awakened Mind Training possibilities, customer experiences and videos? Scroll down to read more. Want to know more about the Awakened Mind Coaching? Like what is EEG? What are the advantages? And are there any contra indications? Click on the button 'Awakened Mind Coaching' below.

Awakened Mind Coaching


PART 1 - Warren James in discussion with Suzanne Tempel - Awakened Mind Counsciousness Trainer. Here in part 1 we first discuss her work and background. Suzanne tells us how she came into this field of working with EEG, we talked about the Background of Awakened Mind Training and the difference between other forms of EEG. How it works: Brainwaves, Measurements, Patterns etc, plus, what she has found regarding Trance Development.

It is a very popular term these days. But what is consciousness development exactly? What are the different stages in the development towards a higher state of consciousness? In what stage of development am I? What should be my next step? And can you prove this scientifically?

The Awakened Mind is a higher state of consciousness. Like the name implies it is a state of ‘awakening’. It is not the only higher state nor the highest state of consciousness. But it is the first you will reach growing from a normal waking state to higher states. Do you want help developing towards higher states of consciousness? Are you curious about the higher states and the theory as based upon the brainwave patterns? Please look for lectures and individual training.

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