My research and the book “Surviving Death” by Leslie Kean

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I am happy to announce that part of my ongoing research, related to physical mediumship, will be included in a 6 part documentary series based on the book Surviving Death by Leslie Kean, to be executive produced and released by a major Broadcast Network. Leslie Kean is an American independent journalist, producer and author of (amongst others) a bestselling book about the Afterlife. This book won the Parapsychological Association Book Award in 2017.

Since 2015 I am researching mediums with EEG looking at their brainwave patterns and states of consciousness. One part of the research specifically targets physical mediums. I am very fortunate that some of the worlds best and accomplished physical mediums such as David Thompson and Stewart Alexander have given me their full cooperation. Anyone who has read anything about Stewart Alexander knows how extraordinary this is. He has never allowed anyone to investigate him. David Thompson is a full materialisation medium and has over 35 years of experience. But there are others like Nicole de Haas who is a very promising physical medium who just recently started to give public seances. And at least a dozen other developing physical mediums all over the world participate as I am following their development over time.

The second part of my research has already proven to be very valuable as I have found measuring over a 150 mediums (and still counting) that what we call Trance states are not necessarily deeper states with mediums. Most of what I have found I have shared with my students over time but I have made plans to write a book and share all.

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