Awakened Mind Training & Mediumship

Consciousness Training and mediumship form a strong combination. Why?

Without personal development your mediumship will not unfold to it’s full potential; the Awakened Mind Method will give you access to your subconscious and help you to letting go of old habits, convictions and trauma’s.

In your mediumship you work with altered states of awareness: the Awakened Mind Method is a scientific method that will show you what state of consciousness you are in. For instance, if you are actually in a Trance state when you wish to develop this. In combination with my knowledge on the altered states of mediums, this will help you on your path. Of course, you can learn how to get in the right state.

This statement of Gordon Higginson says it all: "Before you can touch the spirit, you must first find it within yourself. For all the truth, all knowledge and all loving must first be found within oneself." Consciousness development is crucial.

Warren James (Trance Medium) in discussion with Suzanne Tempel - Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer.

Here in part 1 we first discuss her work and background. Suzanne tells us how she came into this field of working with EEG, we talked about the Background of Awakened Mind Training and the difference between other forms of EEG. How it works: Brainwaves, Measurements, Patterns etc, plus, what she has found regarding Trance Development. I must stress - Part 1 is the foundation to Part 2 (Part 2 will include some slides and images to help and will be released within the next day or 2 and is VERY enlightening)

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Where to find consciousness training for mediumship?

I was a teacher on several courses of the world famous international school for mediumship ‘The Zwanenhof’ in Holland. The Zwanenhof is no longer in business but we have found a new and wonderful place for the international program: The Ehzerwold Estate

For a few years now, I am a tutor on the Trance and Physical week in May and course organisor and tutor of the Journey of Self Discovery in June. The whole program can be found on the website of The Phoenix Fellowship.

The 6th and 7th of June 2020 the founder of the Institute for the  Awakened Mind; Judith Pennington (late assistant of Anna Wise) will be joining me on a weekend workshop on consciousness development and peak performance called: Awakening your Mind.

For other courses please have a look at the agenda.

Judith Pennington, founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, on meeting Suzanne and on her work with Mediums