Awakened Mind Training

What benefits will you experience?

  • More focus and efficiency: Concentrate better and stop wasting energy.

  • More creativity: Learn to use your intuition and subconscious to be more creative.

  • More relaxation and improved sleep: Deeper relaxation and mental relaxation at any time.

  • Reduction of stress: Stress is not the same as feeling pressure or the willingness to perform well. Learn the difference and how to deal with both.

  • Better cooperation: A better cooperation between body & mind

  • Mind & Body Mastery: Master of body and Mind. Through the mind the body can be manipulated and vice versa.

  • Understanding your current situation: The EEG makes the brainwave patterns visible. The patterns (and their explanation) give a deep insight into your current state of consciousness and where you are at in your development.

  • Creating the state of consciousness you want: Depending on your goal you can train to get into the appropriate state of consciousness.

  • Your body learns – Biofeedback: With every pattern there are subjective landmarks. The body will learn to get into the ‘right’ state.

  • Creating a better life for yourself: No matter how brainwave training is applied, people all over the world claim their lives have improved after this form of Biofeedback.

What is Awakened Mind Coaching?


This form of Coaching is extremely helpful for ‘high performers’ such as CEO’s / directors, managers, top athletes, inventors and anyone involved in creative processes, consciousness development, meditation, trance and/or mediumship.

Awakened Mind Coaching is a form of guidance (method) which is focused on consciousness development from a normal waking state to the Awakened Mind state. This way of training is also excellent for training even higher states of consciousness or deeper states. Examples of deeper states are: the meditative state, trance, channeling, etc.

The Awakened Mind state has a specific brainwave pattern like every other state mentioned above. We owe the discovery of the Awakened Mind pattern to C. Maxwell Cade. He wrote about this in his ground-breaking book, The Awakened Mind: Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness. Cade was a distinguished British government physicist who revolutionized radar and extended his understanding of light and sound into the field of mind research. As a master hypnotist, Zen meditation master, and co-founder of the British Society for Psychical Research, this scientist and mystic recognized that all things, including the brain and body, are composed of the frequencies of light.

Anna Wise worked closely together with Cade. She examined artists, composers, dancers, inventors, mathematicians and scientists. She also measured CEO’s and directors of large corporations in the boardroom and at work. She discovered that the brainwave pattern of ‘high performance’, creativity and ‘peak experience’ are the same as the brainwave patterns of Yogi’s and Swami’s. She found that at the moment of insight: the ‘ah-ha moment’ or the ‘eureka moment’, the brain would show the Awakened Mind pattern.

What is Brainwave training?

Brainwave training is training the brain by means of training the brainwaves. Advanced computer technology and software allow brainwaves to become visible with EEG. Brainwaves can be influenced positively, using several methods that are based on the self-learning ability and flexibility of the brain.

By using the adaptation process of the brain we can (among other things) reduce stress, enable easier access to different states of consciousness and/or improve performance, depending on your goals. The EEG makes it easier to achieve whatever goal you have, as you have a ‘mirror’ to train with. The EEG reflects your state and brainwaves in real time. (see also ‘What is EEG?’ below)

Nowadays brainwave training is used in several ways to improve performance. Top sport is one of the areas in which this kind of mental training is used. But it’s also used by surgeons to enhance concentration. This kind of brainwave training is called Peak Performance Training.

Managers and Corporate Executives use it to enhance their emotional intelligence. This improves their leadership qualities and stimulates better time management. This is called Business Performance Training.

Many use it for personal development, to reduce stress and improve performance in specific and personal circumstances. Brainwave training can also be used as a guidance into meditative and higher states of consciousness. This is called Self Development Training.

In clinics brainwave training is used as a form of neuropsychology. A famous example is the USA-based Swingle Clinic, which specializes in this type of therapy. In the Netherlands Neurofeedback is also acknowledged as an official therapy by the NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists). Brainwave training therefore is used in different areas and manners.

I use brainwave training as a learning tool combined with coaching. I focus on Self Development and Business Performance Training. So my use of EEG is totally different from how it is used in clinical Neurofeedback. This is why I have incorporated a list of contra-indications which you will find below. If you are interested in this form of coaching I strongly suggest that you go through the list so you know if this kind of training is suitable for you. Of course, I also coach in the more traditional way without the brainwave training.

What is EEG?

When your brain is active, little electrical impulses are circulating through your brain. These electrical impulses vibrate and form waves we call brainwaves. These brainwaves come in different frequencies. A specific bandwidth of these frequencies has a specific name. We have the Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta bandwidths.

The brainwaves are measured in hertz. (number of vibrations per second). Beta waves, for example, have a bandwidth between 38 and 15 hertz. Neurofeedback uses advanced computer technology and software to make these brainwaves visible. 4 electrodes will be placed on your head measuring your brainwaves, sending the data back and producing a visible image on the computer screen.

Seeing what is happening on the screen can help you to influence the waves in a ‘positive’ way. This can be achieved by using various methods that focus on the self-learning abilities of your brain. This means that your brain receives immediate positive feedback when showing the desired pattern. Result: your brain is, or rather your brainwaves are, going to reorganize. Which pattern is going to be the desired pattern for you, depends on you as an individual, your goal and your current state of mind.

The self-learning ability can be ‘activated’ by the training software. The feedback / reward for your brain, when showing the desired pattern, can be music or a film. Another possibility is feedback on subjective observations of the body. A different state of consciousness generates different sensations within your body. If you have learned how a specific state feels, it’s easier to generate this state by getting your body into that ‘state’ first. This form of training is done by means of guided visualisations, rather than the training software.

Through this adaptation process of the brain stress can be reduced or disappear entirely. Performance can be enhanced, effectivity improved and intuition becomes accessible. Other states of consciousness, too, can be reached easily and more quickly than before, depending on your goal of course.

It is important to realize that the EEG is a way of measuring your current patterns and making them visible. It is a Mirror for your Mind so to speak. The hardware and software themselves or the electrodes do not stimulate your brainwaves. Any change in patterns will be accomplished through the self-learning abilities and flexibility of the brain.

What are contra indications?

  • Addictions

Exceptions: addictions that do not have a link with a dependency on substances. For instance: gambling, shop addiction, gaming, smoking etc.

  • Psychotropic substances

All use of psychotropic substances are a contra-indication for brainwave training.

  • Illnesses of the nervous system
  • Epilepsy
  • Thrombose, hart conditions and angiopathy (diseases of the blood vessels), stroke
  • Psychoses
  • Personality disorders
  • Depression (all forms)
  • ADD
  • Mental handicap
  • Pregnancy

Sessions & Costs Individual Awakened Mind Training

Private customers¹:

  • Brainwave profile: € 177,- (90-100 min)
  • Private lesson: € 87,- (app. 60 min)

¹ Private clients don’t receive an invoice.

Business customer ²:

  • Brainwave profile: € 238,- (90-100 min)
  • Private lesson: € 105,- (app. 60 min)

² Business customers receive an invoice if required. No BTW will be charged. 

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