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    May 10 2020 - May 15 2020


    Week course
    All of the day

    Explorations of the Soul; 10-15 May 2020

    Teachers: Nicole de Haas, Philip Dykes, Lynn Parker, Suzanne Tempel
    Guest speaker: Anthony Harris

    Are you a seeker of spiritual truth? Do you have an open mind and heart to learn more about yourself as an individual, about altered states, trance and physical mediumship?

    This course is for those who are interested in developing trance mediumship, have an interest in physical mediumship, or wish to find ways to strengthen their connection to Spirit and to blend closer with the Spirit World. Development of altered states and trance will help you in all aspects of spiritual development and growth and will raise your standards of mediumship. Also, we will take a look at the various aspects of physical mediumship.

    This week will be a week of exploration. We will take a look at the conscious and subconscious, help you to understand and feel the dynamics of the power and we will take you into the field of trance healing and communication as well. Important to us is that we can guide and support you in finding that power of the soul that resides within you! Throughout the week there will be a dynamic program so that you will get the best from all the teachers to help you further in your development. The training is suitable for any level of development. During the week Nicole will share her knowledge and experience in physical mediumship, which is a specialist part of mediumship.

    We have a wonderful guest speaker this week: Anthony Harris. He is the grandson of the famous materialization medium Alec Harris. Nicole and Anthony have met on several occasions and we are privileged to have Anthony here to share with you his personal stories and experiences in the séance room with his grandfather, Alec Harris. Anthony works as a psychotherapist and as a mindfulness trainer for over 30 years. He will also help you to understand the power of the mind and meditation in a workshop.

    This week Suzanne will provide a lecture and workshops concerning different states of consciousness and their effect on the brain and you as a (developing) medium. Experiments will be done by measuring brain waves via EEG; you will learn how to recognize the stages of awareness and there will be a lot of practical exercises.

    All under the watchful eye of Suzanne Tempel who has a lot of expertise in this field.

    Demonstrations in mediumship and trance will be part of the week, but what makes this week unique is the connection to physical mediumship: Nicole will provide a séance of physical mediumship during the week. You can book private consultations or healing (not included in the price) with one of the teachers during this week or book a consultation during which your individual consciousness states are viewed and are measured (EEG).

    Come and join us on a great week not to be missed with the finest teachers in the field of trance and physical mediumship. We are there for you to encourage and support you on your own personal journey.


    Mixed Levels


    Sunday, May 10 -16.30 to  Friday, May 15 – 13.00

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