Diamond-pattern brain waves

AM Coach Training – Seminar 1 – 25/29 nov 2019

Learn about the different states of consciousness and how to use the Mind Mirror.

(English spoken training)

Includes contextual history of the Awakened Mind and Mind Mirror; the five brainwave categories and their content; the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Superconscious Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness brainwave patterns; use of the Mind Mirror EEG and its three physiology meters: Galvanic Skin Response, Blood Volume Pulse, and Temperature; Mind Mirror software operation and data analysis; and hands-on practice with electrode placements.
Seminar 1 is part of the self trainers option and the first seminar in the trajectory to become an Awakened Mind Coach.


  • Theory
  • Mind Mirror software
  • Practical skills
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