ITP™ Healing

Your highway to healing;

to your subconscious -> to let go of limiting beliefs and destructive behavioral patterns that have been keeping you stuck for years – based on neuroscience.


You feel some strength inside although life has not always been easy. But life has taken you this far and you are ready to improve your life even more…

You have already done some things to deal with the consequences of past experiences. However, you feel that still there is some residue and unwanted patterns that you need to deal with. But you have no idea how to heal this…

Somehow you always seem to end up in similar situations but in different circumstances. You want to break the habit of not trusting yourself or making the wrong decisions time and time again…

You feel uneasy around people you don’t know and when you are asked to show any ability publicly (like standing in front of a group) you feel stressed…You are a bit of a perfectionist. And you like this. But this also gives you trouble as you always feel the need to control situations and comment (in your mind) on other people’s behavior. And even though this is a cause of stress sometimes you feel that this is just the way you are…You really want to change things in your life but you just don’t know where to start and somehow you never seem to be able to take the first step…You never finish what you start no matter how much you seem to want it…

You will …

create a better life for yourself and improve your intuition.

understand your current situation and understand why you do the things that you do.

heal the past and no longer be troubled by old patterns and convictions.

improve your concentration and ability to see things through.

reduce stress in situations that require you to stand in the spotlight.

improve the cooperation between your body & mind 

activate the self-healing abilities of your body.

have more overall relaxation and improved sleep.

Healing trauma with ITP


ITP™ stands for immediate transformational processing and is a healing technique I developed as a neurofeedback trainer and used successfully for many years now. The technique is based on neuroscience that offers fast and lasting results by combining the most beneficial principles of the Awakened Mind Neurofeedback Method, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the principles of hypnosis, and Tibetan Mind Training.

With this Technique, we access your subconscious mind which will reveal restricting beliefs, issues, and behavioral patterns originating in past events and old memories. We then have the opportunity to reprogram and transform these. Allowing us to be free of the unwanted effects of past experiences.


A healing session is designed to take you to your subconscious. This is the place where you have the opportunity to heal. Unfortunately, most people can’t do that by themselves. Most people will never fully access their trauma because of this.

When picturing the mind as an iceberg, the lower part of the iceberg represents the subconscious and unconscious mind: this is 95%! The conscious mind is the upper part of the iceberg surfacing. This is only 5% of the Mind. We store everything in the subconscious. Your long-term memory uses that subconscious but also when you dream the subconscious is used.

You can heal yourself on a conscious level by understanding patterns and understanding why things are the way they are. You can even get insight into your behavior and forgive yourself or anyone else. But at the same time something, in the here and now, can trigger old emotions that are still in that subconscious. And you keep wondering why this still is a problem in your life. After all of these sessions and therapies where you talked about your problems!

But here is why:

because you store everything in the subconscious! This is also the place where emotions and memories, connected to trauma, are stored. So, if you have not healed this in the subconscious you have not healed fully.

By using ITP™ you can finally let go of subconscious issues.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. – C.G.Jung

Suzanne Tempel your ITP™ Coach

Suzanne is a certified Neurofeedback trainer and specializes in the Neurofeedback Awakened Mind Method and meditation techniques with many years of experience in leading people to the subconscious to heal and reach higher states of consciousness.

She is a (post-bachelor) certified life coach and a certified NLP practitioner. Suzanne is also skilled in meditation and hypnosis techniques. Next to this, she is a Shine Teacher of Tibetan Mind training certified by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

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You always start with an online intake.

If you want to start transforming your life, you first book an intake. During the intake, you will receive an explanation of how ITP™ works. You will also hear what is expected of you and what is not. In addition, Suzanne will explain the do’s and don’ts and she is going to have a look at your defense mechanisms and subconscious resistance. That means there will be a short test session during the intake as well. You will not go as deep as in a regular session but still, you can get a feeling of how a regular session would go.

You can book an online or on-location follow-up session

After an intake session and some personal recommendations from Suzanne, you can book a Healing session. This session is designed to take you to your subconscious. This is the place where you have the opportunity to heal. By using the ITP™ technique you can finally let go of subconscious issues. You will be actively participating in this session. Suzanne is there to guide you through it.


This is a list of contra-indications for ITP:

  • Addictions (exceptions: addictions that do not have a link with a dependency on substances. For instance: gambling, shop addiction, gaming, smoking, etc.)
  • Use of psychotropic substances
  • Illnesses of the nervous system
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychoses
  • Personality disorders
  • Depression (clinical)
  • ADD
  • Mental handicap
  • Pregnancy (only in some cases because of the extreme relaxation – please consult Suzanne)
  • Severe cases of PTSS

In between sessions you always have the opportunity to contact Suzanne with a quick question or a brief comment you wish to share. You will always receive an answer or response within 24 hours.


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