Supernatural mind training

Train your mind to become supernatural and learn to work with your mediumistic abilities with the Awaking Mediumship Method®.

supernatural Eye

You will

…learn to discover (and work with) your psychic abilities.

…discover the difference between information you pick up from the field and your thinking mind.

…learn about the different ways you can “read” your fellow participants.

…learn how to get in contact with spirit communicators.

…have some practice and experience with specially designed exercises you will love.

…have the opportunity to ask and get direct feedback in live sessions or in the Community!

Do you want to learn to become aware of information and become more intuitive?

\"\"You wish you could sense whom to trust when it comes to people you work with.


Relationships could work better if you just could feel what your partner would need at a given moment.


You are struggling to find the right partner, friends, or job simply because you have no idea what would suit you.


Your mind is like a race track. Thoughts are there all the time and you wish they would stop once in a while.


It seems like you are going in circles for some time now and you don’t know how to break the cycle.

Everyone can learn to read information from the energy field of someone else. This is a natural ability that we all have. Most of us just haven’t developed this ability. Also, we can get information from what I call ‘the field’. This can help us make better decisions for ourselves. Are you ready to use this skill in your day-to-day life?

Are you intuitive but you have no idea if you are a Medium?


You never objectively observed spirits, but feel you can sense things in the material world other people can’t.


It could be that you sometimes know or feel things are going to happen before they happen. For instance, if someone is going to call you or what will happen at work that day.


Or you have a strong ability to sense what people are like and what they have been through when you first meet them.


Maybe you feel that a passed family member is still around but you can’t see them or don’t know how to talk to them.


Maybe you have talked to a loved one or family member after they passed away in your dreams.


It could be you intuitively know what to choose or do in certain situations but not always.

Are you not sure how to use and develop those abilities or if they even can be developed? I never objectively observed spirits. And this applies to many mediums. More than you would think. Are you wondering if you are a medium? So did I! Start your journey of exploration into the psychic and mediumistic now with this unique course!

Do you want to learn to communicate with spirits?

Imagine that you can communicate with someone’s loved one. That you can actually prove this by giving information you could not have known. Are you willing to dive into this and change your whole perspective on reality?Do you want to learn to cooperate with your spirit team?Your team has been with you even though you might not have been aware of them. They are the ones inspiring you and protecting you if you will let them. The guidance from your spirit team can lead you to a path that you might have never thought of yourself. If you learn to listen, you will find yourself on the right pathway all the time. Things will start to flow in your life and mediumship. Your team will develop you and work closely with you in your mediumship.

Every medium works closely together with, what we call spirit guides. You will learn to get to know them and work as a team. How amazing is that? Can’t wait to get to know them?

Are you a medium but struggling with your Mediumship?


When you have a reading you sometimes are spot-on but sometimes nothing is recognized.


Sometimes you get information but that information applies to your client and not to the spirit.


You sometimes seem in the flow and sometimes are struggling to get information.


With some clients everting seems to work and with other clients, you have a hard time getting information.


You are getting images when you do a reading and sometimes these don’t seem to fit.


You sometimes feel the spirit and sometimes it seems like nobody is there.


Sometimes it remains unclear who is there for your client.

You are not alone but you can change that!

Mediumship takes many years to develop. So, in the first years, I was struggling. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I would give up. Thinking maybe I wasn’t a medium after all.

Kick-start your Mediumship Now!Learn Mediumship in a very easy and practical way online with the Awaking Mediumship Method®.

Nowhere in the world are Mediums taught in this way. Of course, I am living proof that my method works. And in 2021 I started, for the first time, teaching groups according to this method. And with great results!

How I gained results fast and you can too!

I was not an exceptionally good medium by nature! As a child, I had no Mediumistic experiences. My experiences were rather mystical instead. When I started with Mediumship around the age of 40, I had never had contact with a spirit. Not conscious in any case. I did not profile myself as a medium within Dutch circles. I rarely received invitations to practice or demonstrate. In short, I never ran “the extra mile” that you supposedly have to run as a medium to get ahead. Yet my Mediumship suddenly improved by leaps and bounds. I had an amazing breakthrough! My Mediumship changed and I was invited to do the admission to a very famous school for Psychic Science (a college) in the UK and am now an approved Tutor of Tomorrow.So what changed Or rather what made the differenceVery simple, a few years ago I discovered how I could use my knowledge (as an Awakened Mind Trainer) and the results of a three-year-long study that I did, for my Mediumship development, and I created the Awaking Mediumship Method.

This method is based on a unique perspective. The research, the knowledge about states of consciousness, and the development phases of mediums are at the basis of this method.The Awaking Mediumship Method®For several years I measured hundreds of mediums from more than twelve countries with EEG. The EEG measures, via the brainwave patterns, the medium’s state of consciousness. I have measured inexperienced mediums, professional mediums with their own business, international Mediumship teachers, and everyone in between. This research into states of consciousness of mediums was very valuable. It allowed me to see what happens in Mediumship development. I combined this with my knowledge of how to train those different states and my knowledge of Mediumship. This gradually resulted in a new method for Mediumship development: the Awaking Mediumship Method® (AMM).

Benefits of training with us

This Online Mediumship training is different:UNIQUEThis method is based on a unique perspective. The research and the knowledge about states of consciousness and the development phases of mediums are at the basis of this method. Never before has there been a Mediumship development method with a scientific background like this one.LIVEThe practical training is live. So it’s not online all pre-recorded teaching. That means you can ask questions and get direct feedback from Suzanne.NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDEDThe training is also suitable for newcomers and inexperienced participants. You will receive tips and training on an individual level. Every exercise can be adapted to your level of development. So even if you have never done anything with Mediumship and you are just curious, you can still register. Just come and find out how extraordinary you are!PRACTICALYou don’t have to learn whole theories. During the online training, the method itself is not explained in detail. That is not necessary. The structure and the exercises are designed according to this method and this can be applied very individually. The online training is simply very practical training and completely focused on your Mediumship development.ONLINEThe training is and will remain online training. All exercises are designed according to the AMMethod® and designed for use in an online environment. This is by no means a ‘not so bad alternative’ for group training on location. This is a totally different way of training.

Click on the pictures to find more information on the services.

The teacher’s skills are unique! Meet Suzanne Tempel

MediumAs an award-winning Medium Suzanne is a tutor of Tomorrow at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College; an international school for psychic science in the UK.Awakened Mind TrainerSuzanne is trained and educated to guide people to altered states of consciousness (higher and deeper states) with a scientific method developed by Professor Cade. She is one of the very few Awakened Mind Trainers in the world.ResearcherSuzanne is researching states of consciousness of mediums for some years now. Both mental and physical mediums. She was allowed to measure some of the best worldwide known mediums such as Stewart Alexander and David Thompson. Many more training and developing mediums participated and one day she hopes to share the results with the world. This is ongoing research. One of the amazing things she has found Suzanne shares in an interview in 2018.

Leslie Kean’s ground-breaking book, Surviving Death, is a top 5 NETFLIX series and portrays some of the best Mediums in the world. Suzanne is also featured in the film as a mediumship teacher and researcher investigating a Dutch circle at the time. You can read more about her research on Stewart Alexander (also featured in the series) on the website of the author.

FounderSuzanne is the founder of the Awaking Mediumship Method® and owner of the SoulWell.Academy is an online platform for Healing and Awakening & Mastering your hidden powers.

Book your individual sessions

1-on-1 online sessions with the Awaking Mediumship Method® and Suzanne Tempel

The Mediumship program

The program has different levels. It indicates your level of experience rather than your mediumistic abilities. These are the different levels:

 STARTER LEVEL:Level 1 is a theory course that you can watch whenever that is convenient for you. These are all recorded sessions.

Level 1 has 3 basic modules:

  1. Consciousness development,
  2. Psychic development, and
  3. Mediumistic development.

You will learn the basics of all three, the terminology, and the difference between working psychically and working mediumistic.

EXPLORER LEVEL:If you feel you want to move on from the Starter level you can move on to the Explorer level. Explorer Level is a mixed-level course. That means that the level of experience varies among participants.

At the Explorer Level, you will enhance your knowledge of Consciousness development, Psychic development, and Mediumistic development. You are going to experience and train all three. You will integrate your knowledge with your practice at your own level of understanding. You will receive personal guidance during the classes and experiment and challenge yourself with different exercises to understand your mind and enhance the flow of information within a reading.  And of course, there is plenty of opportunity to ask Suzanne questions.

TRAINER LEVEL:In 2023 there will be no Trainer level yet. This program started in 2021.

TeachingRegardless of the level, these are not just courses like most where you will learn how to use your Mediumship. You will actually train different things differently. For instance, 40% of the exercises will have nothing to do with the standard Mediumship exercises; in fact, they will have nothing to do with Mediumship at all. You will not be ‘reading’ anyone or making contact. The AMMethod® is absolutely revolutionary in that way.Live sessionsDepending on the choice you make you have 1 or 1,5 hours of live teaching each training session with Suzanne Tempel.Practicing and training at homeAnd everyone is training on his or her level. This is not regular group training. That means when you miss a lesson in a normal group training ‘the group’ is ahead of you. At least one session. This is not the case with this training. There is no group level. Only an individual level. You will receive advice and training exercises according to your individual needs.

In each live session, there is room for questions and sharing of experiences and insights

Why you should participate

\"\"  If there is a longing inside to find out if you are a Medium; you are on the right path. You just have to trust that feeling. 

\"\"You will meet like-minded people from all over the world and this often results in friendships for life. Finally, you will meet people who understand and have similar experiences. Everyone is welcome.

\"\"  The practical training is live. So it’s not online pre-recorded teaching. That means you can ask questions and get direct feedback from Suzanne.


Yes, online training allows everyone in the world to join. This is the reason the lessons will be in English. The level of English spoken will be easy to follow for most people.

All Mediumship courses have a duration of one year.

For all the live courses we use Zoom. The Zoom links can be found in your course.

Not all courses are live (online) courses. Next to the live courses, we have recorded (online) courses and some have a mixture of recorded and live lessons. And with some live courses, you can find the recording of the lesson afterward in the course. This information can be found in the course description before you purchase the course.

Yes, just join the Soulwell Community for free. In this community, you can chat with other members and join practice groups, post messages, and have access to all material posted in this community.


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