Tibetan mind training

The 9 steps to calm abiding

When your mind is truly calm and at peace, it is capable of incredible things. It also becomes ‘supernatural’.

This Training Is For You If…


You want a deep personal transformation


You want mental stability, calmness, and concentration


You want to learn how to deeply meditate


Inner peace​

Better relationships

More happiness

Less stress

Profound personal transformation

A calm and stable mind

Deep, relaxed concentration

Enhancement for any practice

From your mind somersaulting like a firecracker to deep calmness and perfect concentration

When the mind is truly calm and at peace, it is capable of incredible things. It can concentrate on the task at hand without distraction from all the thoughts and emotions whilst still maintaining a clear, open-minded state of awareness.

What is Shiné?

Shiné (pronounced Shanee) is the most profound Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique and a technique of mindfulness. Practicing this meditation on a regular basis can help you develop the calmest and most stable mind.

Shiné 2-month Foundation Program.

This is a two-month program with 2 hours of group teaching per week. This is a great way to deeper practice and integrates the teachings of Shiné into your day-to-day life.

Suzanne will walk you through this unique, step-by-step meditation method, enabling you to transform any critical situation in your life into a miraculous opportunity for personal growth. “Change your mind – change your life!”

You will begin building up your own daily practices, understanding over time how to calm your mind and maintain your focus. You’ll learn how to overcome all obstacles in this transformational process. Having experience from her own meditation practice, Suzanne can guide you in meditation on your path toward this highest form of mindfulness.

The mental focus and concentration you’ll learn during meditation are lessons that will stick with you for life. You won’t just gain the skills during meditation; you’ll apply them to everything you do. And if you’ve ever wanted the ability to stay more focused and calm throughout the day, now you finally can.

Shiné is an amazing path

In this training, you will receive the perfect map of your mind and you will learn how to tame it and make it fully functional.

You will learn about the nine stages of calm-abiding, from stage 1 “setting the mind” to stage 9 “setting the mind in equipoise”. You will also learn about the obstacles that everybody will encounter on this path.

And of course, you will hear about the antidotes that you can use to overcome these obstacles.

The Shine path is symbolically presented in this traditional Thangka. The monk represents the meditator, the elephant represents the mind, the monkey represents distractions, the rabbit represents subtle mental laxity, and the rope represents the power of mindfulness.

Guidance by an expert tutor

Suzanne is certified as a Shine-teacher in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. She was certified by Rinpoche the eighth incarnation of Tulku Nyentse.

Tulku Lobsang received Gelug teachings, but he also studied Mahamudra traditions, Bön as well as the Jonang Kalachakra secret traditions.

As an experienced Shiné-practitioner and teacher, Suzanne will accompany you during the whole program.

The offer:

8 Zoom meetings of 2 hours (one each week) with the group of participants for teaching, debate, experience, and exchange.

One individual Zoom meeting of 20 minutes for each participant. This is your personal time to discuss and clarify questions on an even deeper and more intimate level with Suzanne.

Attending these meetings is not mandatory. At the beginning of the course, the dates for the individual Zoom sessions will be made available.

What you will receive

You will receive a personal Shiné workbook. The workbook includes:

  A Brief explanation of the phenomena we call “mind”.

  Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism; goal and benefits.

  What is Mindfulness?

  Preliminary practices.

  An explanation of the complete map of Shiné using the traditional Tibetan Thangka, including the 32 Shiné navigation points.

  Support before beginning a Shiné practice.

  Practice guidelines. These include a personal schedule for Shiné practice.

The content of the Course

Online live teachings with Suzanne TempelDuring this online live teaching course, Suzanne will transmit to you her knowledge and experience with the Shiné method and meditation. She will guide you step by step in the meditation and teach you all the necessary points, from the first step, where the mind is still crowded and full of thoughts, to meditative equipoise. She will not only show you what obstructs these practices but also give you valuable advice on how one can successfully overcome these obstacles.

Zoom will be used for all teachings.An intensive two-month-programThis 8-week program allows you to truly experience and practice Shiné so you know what exactly it is. As important as the 2 hours-teaching session is the time between. You will follow your own schedule of daily meditations and there will also be an online community where you will have the opportunity to discuss and share with each other your experiences.

You are guided and you will guide yourself. You will make your own experiences, questions will arise and you may discover things to reflect upon. Four months is enough time to ask, experience, reflect, and as a consequence understand on deeper levels the detailed map of Shiné and what Shiné really is.Guided meditationDuring the teachings sessions of Suzanne, you will be taken through the meditation process step by step, so that you can fully understand how to calm your mind and reach Shiné. By doing this, you will take the first steps along your Shiné path.

The CommunityThe Community offers the opportunity to practice together, discuss doubts and experiences, and help each other.Daily meditation practiceYou will quickly and easily learn to calm your mind with the daily meditation practice we provide. Starting from a short session of five minutes, you will gradually deepen your meditation practice.

At the end of this course, you will not only have tried it, but you will have gained some level of experience of the most profound mindfulness of Shiné.


 The first and major part of the homework will be your personal daily meditation. Suzanne will provide you with very clear instructions. You start with five-minute meditation sessions. Slowly these sessions are extended.

  The second part of the homework is your self-reflection.

  Another part is to get together in the Community with your fellow members for exchange and reflection.

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Shiné is the Tibetan word for Shamatha, which is the deepest calmness of our mind.

What generally is taught as mindfulness in the West is a very good method to develop awareness and relax our minds on a general level. In Tibetan Buddhism, this is just the first step, called “General Mindfulness”.

However, if we really want to go deeper, then we need Shiné – the highest form of mindfulness. Participation in this education will change your life and lead to a completely different understanding of your mind. You will learn in detail about the path to calm your mind and how to find full, effortless concentration as well as inner peace and happiness.

Once you have successfully mastered your mind with Shiné, you will be able to fully concentrate for a long time – without your mind wandering or being distracted by thoughts and emotions, and without feeling any sense of tension or stress.

Please prepare the following:

  • Smooth, black, roundish meditation object:
    • Material: stone (not too shiny)
    • Diameter: approx. 3 to 5 centimeters
    • Ideal shape: round on the top and flat at the bottom so that it can lay flat on a surface
  • Very comfortable, large meditation cushion (height of at least 4 fingers-width)
  • A small pillow that can be rolled up
  • Sleeping mask (to blindfold your eyes)

We are sorry but we cannot provide any translation. Suzanne will teach and guide you in English.

In total there are eight live teaching sessions – always from xx:xx to xx:xx CET (Amsterdam time)Dates:

No, we will not provide any recordings.

Being fully present during the live teachings increases the value of the teachings for you as it makes sure that you attend with full attention. And that’s the best form to learn.
Knowing that you can watch something over and over again, does not help you to focus and be fully present.

In case of sickness, please inform us in time that you are sick and therefore not able to attend a session. We will make sure that you have access to the Community so that you can catch up with your fellow participants on the content you missed. However, we will not provide recordings of the teaching sessions.


The content of this course has the power to improve your life sustainably! Together, we will discover step by step how you can meditate with quiet, calm, and concentration. Take the time to test this course, and I am excited to welcome you to my course!

If, after your first lesson, you come to realize that for whatever reason this course is not for you, just let us know and you’ll get your money back!


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