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Talk for the Afterlife Investigation Community (AREI - with Wendy Zammit) 

29.50 min

Suzanne appears in the Netflix documentary ‘Surviving Death’ and conducts ongoing international research into the states of consciousness of mediums – particularly physical mediums, both newly developing and more advanced with the EEG-based Mind Mirror. Based on her research of the states of consciousness of mediums and her years of experience with individual coaching of mediums she developed her own method for mediumship development: the Awaking Mediumship Method™.

Trance State Interview - PART 1

56.44 min

Warren James (Trance Medium) in discussion with Suzanne Tempel - Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer .

In part 1, Suzanne talks about her own background and the background of Awakened Mind Training. She explains what EEG has to do with mediumship and how it differs from other forms of EEG.

Trance State Interview - PART 2

60.03 min

Warren James (Trance Medium) in discussion with Suzanne Tempel - Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer .

In part 2 they talk about: Brainwaves, the measurements, brainwave patterns etc, and about what Suzanne discovered about Trance development.

Interview Judith Pennington

3.35 min

Judith Pennington, founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, on meeting Suzanne and on her work with Mediums

Anna Wise on The Awakened Mind

55.54 min

Anna explains the early version of the Mind Mirror and the development of the Awakened Mind at the Neuro Tech Forum hosted by Synetic Systems.

The Outside of Your Inside: Observing Your Brainwave Pattern as a Transformational Tool

55.06 min

John Dupuy and Javi Otero talk to Elizabeth St. John, James Ripley and Judith Pennington of the Awakened Mind Institute / Mind Mirror, one of the earliest spiritual technologies developed. We'll begin with a demo of the newest version of Mind Mirror EEG. Then Elizabeth St John and James Ripley share about the history of the Awakened Mind pattern, working with Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise, and their own work.

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