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Making your mind more functional, and more intuitive!

Looking to become more intuitive where your business is concerned? Want to become a high-performing professional? Are you ambitious but somehow you don't seem to be able to manifest what you want? Looking for a way to find what is holding you back somehow? Want to learn how to deal with your 'difficult clients'? 

Leadership Coaching is always directed toward self and self-mastery:

  • Defining your unique purpose, values, and vision;
  • Identifying the vital behaviors to transform your personal and professional effectiveness to execute your strategy;
  • Transforming limiting beliefs, fears, and convictions;
  • Developing the skills for leading yourself, mastering complexity, and inspiring others;


Coaching intake -complementary session (online option only):

(90 min) - Free

 If you feel this is for you: a plan is made based on your personal situation.

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Awakened Mind Training Individual


Brainwave (or consciousness) EEG profile & advice based on your current state of consciousness and your personal goal (Location:Soest - NL - no online option):

€ 248,- (+/-90 min)

A single individual Awakened Mind Training session or an intake (online options available):

€ 115,- (60 min) 

A package deal of 5 individual Awakened Mind Training sessions (online options available):

€ 515,- 

*No VAT is charged on lessons.

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Processing (ITP)

If you want to start transforming your past, you first book an intake. During the intake, you will receive an explanation of how ITP™ works. You will also hear what is expected of you and what is not. In addition, Suzanne will explain the do’s and don’ts and she is going to have a look at your defense mechanisms and subconscious resistance.

First appointment (intake) (online option only):

€ 60,- (60 min)

Individual session (online options available)
€ 105,-  (60 min)

A package of 5 follow-up sessions (online options available)
€ 477, - 

A package of 10 follow-up sessions (online options available)
€ 779, - 

* ITP™ sessions are not charged with VAT as we are using the KOR

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Intensive Individual Online Mediumship

Training with the Awaking Mediumship Method®

If you prefer individual training over group training you can book individual training sessions with Suzanne online. 

 Package of 5 hours of intensive individual online Mediumship training€ 549,- 

 Package of 10 hours of intensive individual online Mediumship training€ 879,- 

You can book separate sessions of one hour or book several sessions on end. *No VAT is charged on lessons.

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